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Dive into a spectacular stereoscopic gaming experience. Steer you spaceship in full 6 degrees of freedom through 30 stunning levels. Complete a level by eliminating the floating rings, pierce through their middle to make them disappear. But beware! Time is limited and numerous obstacles and monster try to hinder or even destroy you.

This game can be best enjoyed in full stereoscopic view using side by side on a modern 3D-TV or a pair of regular red/cyan anaglyph glasses. However, you may also choose to play it in good old flat 2D.

Now available on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace!


Be sure to give the first stereoscopic indie game a try!

Please have a look at the new trailer.

This is a Youtube stereo gameplay video of the OLD version of Lingolu - before the graphics rework:

You have to watch it on YouTube to enable the 3D and HD features. Please watch it using anaglyph glasses.

For PC users you can download a demo of the old version. I will try to update the pc version soon.

Download Lingolu Demo PC

As default the game will start up in anaglyph mode. Unlike the XBOX version, the PC version can also be played with real 3D displays. Start the LingoluSettings Application to change the stereo type.

If you use a NVIDIA stereo display you simply choose stereo type none, as the NVIDIA driver will take care of the stereo rendering.

If you own a Zalman 3D monitor you can use the lineInterlaced stereo mode.

The horizontalSpan mode will display the left and right picture next to each other.

Inside the settings application you can also change the eye distance to reduce (lower value) or increase (higher value) the stereo effect.

For some displays you might also want to change the left/right image.

I am currently looking for an indie platform to sell the PC full version online.

Jaina - Princess of Andria

This is a simple classic 2D shooter to demonstrate the use of Tgex and cross platform development. It runs on Windows, Xbox and Zune. Currently you can only download and play the windows version. I will add the Zune version as soon as I have some time...


Jaina is the princess of the city of Andria. One day the city is attacked by aliens and it is the duty of the heroic Jaina to defend the city against the intruders.

Game play

You steer the spaceship of Andria and have to shoot the alien spaceships. After you shoot a spaceship a blue spinning arrow appears for a limit time. If you collect this item your multiplier will increase by one. Each time you shoot a spaceship you will earn 10 points multiplied by your current multiplier.

The alien spaceships will change their behavior over time and will occur in decreasing intervals. After a while your screen will be filled with bullets and spaceships until it becomes impossible to survive.

The goal of the game is to gather as much points as possible. There is nothing like a second level . you will die sooner or later for sure. The high score will be saved and you will soon be addicted to try to crack your former high score!

Download: http://vrhome.de/jainasetup.exe