Welcome at VRhome!

On this page I will publish my work and technical articles related to Virtual Reality, XNA, game development and computer graphics.

One main goal of this page is to support the development of low cost Virtual Reality systems. Virtual Reality has been promised to home users already many times and since many years. Anyhow, serious developments in this field still did not take place. Virtual Reality is still limited to a few industrial applications with usually horrible hight hardware and software costs.

But, the actual technology necessary for Virtual Reality is not so expensive anymore. Anybody interested in this should be able to build his own setup starting from below 100,- €! So, read my articles and wait for more to let me help get Virtual Reality to your home!

Of course Virtual Reality hardware is only one side of the coin. No VR system is fun over time with just a few demo applications. To ease the devlopment of virtual reality systems I develop a supporting library based on XNA. Even originally not design for such purpose, XNA is a powerfull toolkit to develop state of the art graphic applications and games.

XNA has a very fast growing community with lots of demo code and open source projects already available. Furthermore, C# is not only a fun language to program with, it even just makes developement so much faster. Forget the discussions about performace comparisions between C++ and C# applications. Once you started and learned prgramming in C# you will never want to go back....


--- 4 August 2018

Well, after a view years of inactivity I added a little tool to convert google vr jpgs to side by side jpgs.

--- 1 July 2011

Lingolu is now available on the XBOX Live Indie Games marketplace:


Be sure to give the first stereoscopic indie game a try!

--- 17 June 2011

The complete rework of Lingolu is finshed, please have a look at the new trailer. Click here for more info, video and download.

--- 18 April 2010

Added first beta of my stereo picture viewer VRplaying.

--- 11 February 2009 ---

I wrote an article on Coding4Fun about the Wiimote Virtual Reality Desktop.

--- 24 January 2009 ---

Added download section with binary and source code for the Wiimote Virtual Reality Desktop. The source code also contains the Tgex and Tvrx libraries.

--- 3 January 2009 ----

Added an article about my Wiimote Virtual Reality Desktop

--- 3 January 2009 ---

Created YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/vrwizard) with videos of my work.

--- 24 November 2008 ---

Webpage for the Center of Technology and Art Berlin is up and running. Please check this out!