is a viewer for stereo pictures. Currently as an early beta release it has the following features:

    • Supported output formats:

      • Anaglyph (red/cyan)

      • Zalman (line interlaced)

      • NVidia

    • File format

      • .mpo

    • Directory browsing

    • Fullscreen view


I will continuously add new features and improvements. On the top of my todo list currently is:

    • Improve .mpo reading: read header and parallax parameter, improve reading speed

    • Support for general picture formats using left/right, up/down stereo encoding

    • Support for jps

    • Video support

Using VRplaying


First download and execute the installer. Please install the XNA and DirectX Runtime that are included with the installer. VRplaying requires to have the latest version of the Microsoft Dot.NET Framework (3.5) installed. Usually Vista and Windows 7 will have this already installed. If you are using Windows XP you might need to download it from Microsoft and install it manually. If the application just crashes when starting it will most probably be because of that missing.

Main Window

After installing you can start VRplaying via the Start Menu. You can also pass a file name as command line argument. If you do that, the viewer will automatically display this file in full view. By that you can associate .mpo files with this application.

When running, you can switch the stereo output modes with the buttons on the upper left. Zalman and Anaglyph will display the image in stereo allready with the preview window. NVidia unfortunately requires full screen mode to display in stereo.

You can select a directory using the tree view on the left and you can select a picture in the list view on the top.

To switch to full screen use the button on the upper right. Only when in NVidia mode the application will switch in a real full screen mode. Use the escape key to leave full screen.

Configure NVidia Mode

NVidia mode needs some tweaking of the parallax parameter. The default parameter configured for my setup, which is the acer 1080p monitor, and the NVidia parallax set to the lowest value (5%). You can change the NVidia parallax using the hot keys that are set in the NVidia control panel, or if you have the NVidia stereo vision system you can use the wheel at your IR device. In full screen mode the two pictures should be aligned. You can use the + and - keys to adjust the alignment.

Hot Keys

    • T: toggle left/right

    • Left: previous picture in directory

    • Right: next picture in directory

    • Escape: leave full screen mode

    • +/-: adjust NVidia parallax (only available in NVidia fullscreen mode)

    • Delete: delete selected files


With downloading you agree to the following license agreement:

    • You are allowed to use the software for free for any purpose, private and commercial

    • The software comes without guarantee - use at your own risk.

    • You are not allowed to distribute the software in any way on any media, even if for free.

    • No direct linking to the software download is allowed. Always use a link to this web page.

Download VRplaying

Demo Gallery

Here you can download some pictures in .mpo format.