Art Applications


This is an art installation that I created with my brother in 2007. It offers a unique navigation of a virtual world. The user is holding a portable screen which position is tracked. The screen is displaying the virtual world according to its position. In this way it acts like a portable window to the virtual world. You can read more about this installation here and please enjoy the short demonstration video:

Industrial Applications

From 2004-2006 I was leading the Advanced Industrial Applications Team at the IGI in Seoul/South Korea. The main goal of our team was to research in Virtual Reality applications that are of use for the manufacturing industry. We worked closely with industrial partners e.g. Hyundai and Samsung. Our main research activities were developing a software framework for Virtual Reality applications, high quality rendering for product design review and visualization of CFD/FEM simulation data.

Here you can see a short demonstration video of a our Virtual Reality system, using a tracking system and a stereo projection. For user interaction it features head-tracking, a hand navigator as well as a pen like input device: